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Vein & Rosacea Treatments

Perfecta is the latest generation of Vbeam laser offering Combination Therapy of pigmentation, diffuse redness and veins.

  • More powerful 

  • More effective 

  • Less bruising

  • Shorter treatment series


Lasers have been used for removal of pigmentation and superficial veins for years. One of the less-desirable side-effects has been bruising. Resistant pigmentation and concentrated vein or vascular conditions require more "power" and this in turn has typically resulted in some type of superficial bruise. 

The Perfecta Laser by Candela uses a new technology called Micropulse to allow more power delivery with minimized bruising and in many cases no bruising at all.


Perfecta Laser Micropulse technology

What is Micropulse and how is it different?
Micropulse technology spreads out a single laser pulse into 8 evenly spaced micropulses.

As a result, more energy can be directed to the targeted vein or pigmented spot. Since the laser energy is applied over longer periods of time there is a gentler heating effect and uniform coagulation. By heating targeted vessels more gently, the new Perfecta Vbeam eliminates or minimizes post-treatment purpura (bruising).

Standard laser pulses have more impact when used aggressively for resistant pigmentation and more pronounced vein conditions and thus often cause more bruising.

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